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The Occultist, a first person narrative horror video game

In The Occultist, Alan Rebels travels to the cursed island of Godstone to investigate the sudden disappearance of his father. After decades of mentioning the island, all Alan knows is that his father was born and lived his early years there.

Alan does not travel alone. He carries with him his mystical pendulum, an object of unknown origin that accompanies him in all his paranormal investigations. But this will not be a case like the others, he will immerse himself in the foggy streets and maddening buildings, apparently the only thing that remains in GodStone.

GodStone was inhabited until 1950 by a macabre cult that performed all kinds of disturbing experiments and cruel rituals that resulted in the eternal damnation of its inhabitants. No one has ever set foot on the island again, until today. Alan must interact with or avoid the ominous souls that have been frozen in the shadowy streets of GodStone.

As a problem solver, Alan must find his father, investigate what happened on the island and release the curse. Or not…


  • Mystic pendulum: the most important object for Alan. Through it, he will be able to interact with the environment and modify it due to its 5 unique and original mechanics.
  • 1st person action: play as Alan Rebels and use the mystic pendulum to unravel what happened in GodStone.
  • Survival horror: The Occultist has all the distinctive elements of the genre, with a tense exploration and atmosphere, as well as an up close and personal narrative.
  • Next-gen graphics: The Occultist has an unprecedented level and quality of graphics for an immersive horror experience.
  • Hide and Sneak: Alan always avoids combat. With stealth mechanics, he must advance through the story without revealing his position.
  • Charismatic characters: GodStone is populated with adversaries that will make your investigation a real nightmare.
  • Puzzles: From the most mundane puzzles to those that require knowledge and occult arts.
  • Soundtrack: The Occultist features a soundtrack by renowned composer Pepe Herrero.
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